Plug in your numbers and explore various 'what if' scenarios. Your data is neither visible to us nor shared with anyone else.
In first two sections enter annual figures. You are always entering currency unless noted.
Performance Data (Annual) Historic Projected Notes:
Annual Sales Annual Sales * Sales Increase you enter below
Gross Margin % How much can Acme help lower to costs or raise prices to increase margins?
Gross Margin Annual Sales multiplied by Gross Margin.
Inventory Investment Inventory Investment minus Inventory Reduction
Annual Inventory Turnover Difference in Annual Sales and Gross Margin, divided by Inventory Investment.
Compare your turns to the average for your industry. Acme can help you get there.
Projected Improvements (Annual)
Sales Increase From fewer out of stocks, tighter price controls, targeted marketing, etc,
Inventory Reduction How much excess inventory can you eliminate in the next year? 
Benefit from Better Processing Increase in sales by offering EBT/SNAP/Gift Cards. Refunds to Gift Cards
Benefit of Reduced Fees Savings with partner processor. Use PIN Pad to save about 50% on debit cards.
Efficiencies Gained with Acme Advantage
Just one of our Acme Advantage tools would cost $499/year to buy yourself. Others like offsite backup, anti-virus etc. can  be priceless…
Payroll Reduction Spend less time on physical inventories, purchasing, receiving etc.
Reduced Shrinkage & Loss Savings by having tighter controls on pricing sales AND returns, fewer user errors.
 Saving of 1-3% of gross sales is not uncommon.
Project Costs
Up-front Investment:
Wonder Bundle Touch Screen Terminals With scanner and receipt printer, $1,495 each
Wonder Bundle Rapid Exchage Ext Warranty One time price per terminal: $100 for 1 yr, $300 for 3 yrs, $500 for 5 yrs. See notes.
Portable Data Collector & Dock Use for physical inventory, lane busting and PO receiving. $695 each.
Other Equipment Extra bar code scanners, shelf label printers, etc.
Smart Start Single Lane store $795, Multi-Lane store 1,495. WAIVED if deploying on Wonder Bundles.
Accounting System Ask if you need one.
Up-front Investment Total =
Monthly Investment:
Acme Subscription Acme & Acme Advantage tools and services $119/mos/computer.
Per Month Investment Total =
Total Investment First Year Up-front plus first 12 months of monthly investments.
Improvements -First Year
Change in Gross Profit Just the difference.
Inventory Reduction Free up cash by optimizing inventory turnover.
Payment Processing Improvements Acme works with all processors but we do have our favorites, ask and we'll introduce.
Efficiencies Gained Acme Advantage Mobile access, central monitoring, tools & services including antivirus, offsite backup etc.
Expense Reductions Payroll reduction and reduced shrinkage and loss.
Total Improvement to Cash First Yr. = Deploy now and have this much more money in the bank in 1 year!
Improvements can come fast, but not over night. ROI calculation below is based on your input above. Months 1-9 use an escalation percentage for each bucket to reflect the time it takes to build momentum. Ramp up adjustment allows you to shift expectations based on your projected efforts. If you expect to put in a lot of effort and get results fast, move the slider to the right.
Ramp-Up Adjustment
Total Investment Month 1 YTD ROI at end of month 1
Total Investment thru Month 3 YTD ROI at end of month 3
Total Investment thru Month 6 YTD ROI at end of month 6
Total Investment thru Month 9 YTD ROI at end of month 9
Total Investment thru Month 12 YTD ROI at end of month 12
Avg monthly cost of delay: Every month you put off implentation you loose this much money.
NOTES: The ROI Calculator starts with costs for deployment of 2 Wonder Bundles, 1 Portable Data Collector and Acme along with $200 in other equipment. It also includes the Acme Advantage tools and services. For personalized pricing please contact Total BusinessWare for a quote.

The calcualtor also starts with 5 year extended Rapid Exchange warranty both of the Wonder Bundle Terminals. This is optional but if desired must be purchased with the terminals. -inquire for details.

Efficiencies from Acme Advantage is set to $500 annual. This is conservative. It’s based on what you would pay for just one of the tools we provide if purchased on your own. It does not factor in technician time, experience or any of our other managed service tools.
Use your own discretion. Perform 'what if' calculations. We make no guarantee of fitness for any purpose. 
Feedback is welcome.