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Buy Low

Never over pay for inventory again. Save 5-7% (or more) when you cut perfect purchase orders. Invest the savings in your store, your staff or a well-earned vacation.

Sell High

It's about profit, not price. Enjoy the highest retail margins while being competitive. Let the so-called super stores fight over the low end, while you put more in your cash drawer.

Promote Profitably

Don't give up margin to gain sales. Reward new behavior. Promote profitably using tools that benefit you, your vendors and your customers. It's win, win win.

Do it Everywhere

Sell in store, online and everywhere in between. Use m-commerce and social media tools that are easy, intelligent, pain free and profitable. Turn repeat customers into raving fans.

Optimize & Thrive

Sharpen your digital pencil and optimize operations. When you know where your sales come from and where to get more you WILL put more in your cash drawer. 

Get YOUR Acme Advantage

Take unlimited technical support and training to the Nth degree. We'll go beyond the point of sale with a solution built for specialty retail.

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Acme works the way YOU do

-a simple transaction on a touch screen...

Use unlimited colors and multiple layers of buttons to organize hundreds of Action and Speed Keys into a 3D layout that makes finding the right button easy. Here are a few of our favorite color scheme's. You can use these or create your own in minutes.

-a simple transaction on a non-touch screen...

-super find for items and customers...

Knock out the competition by playing well with others

Whether you have 1 store or 100 Acme has you covered. Use Acme "stand-alone" or interfaced with popular accounting, CRM and marketing systems like...

  • Acme Point of Sale for AccountMate
  • Acme Point of Sale for QuickBooks
  • Acme Point of Sale for Red Wing TurningPoint
  • Acme Point of Sale for Sage 200 ERP (aka Sage Pro)
  • Constant Contact
  • Infusionsoft
  • MailChimp
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • GMAIL and more...

Acme Point of Sale Handles Subscription & Utility Billing

Bill water, sewer, electrical, gas or subscription items easily with the Acme Billing Add-on

Frequently asked & answered...

How much does Acme Point of Sale Software Cost?

Why is Acme a subscription software ?

Is it really guaranteed to put more in my cash drawer, -how much more?!?

What are the system requirements for Acme?

How long does it take to get up and running?

Can you help load our item, vendor and customer lists?

What are the '18 tough questions to ask of your next point of sale system' I've heard about?

Do you have a brochure or something I can print and share?

What is the best way to get started, do you offer demonstrations or free trials?

The inventory process this year was much less complex and we collected our total inventory in half the time that was required before…

Jim Simpson WS Electronics LLC, Xenia Ohio

We increased inventory turnover from 4.2 to 6.8 times per year, that freed up almost 20K for other activities.

Nancy Y Forest Lake

We saved over $12,000 the first year we optimized purchasing through our preferred vendors.

Patricia -pb designs

Great work!

Heather Haberle Granite City Tool, St Cloud, MN

Thanks for your help! Dan Harrigan

Dan Harrigan Vriesland Growers, Hudsonville MI

We love Acme, awesome service, quick support and…

Janet Free Mattocks Five Inc, Meadville, PA

Many thanks for the help received … …fast, efficient, friendly and truly appreciated.

Cindy Erickson Lumberjack World Championships

I can't imagine starting up another new store with anything else.

D.R. Oklahoma City

Quick and easy to use.

Brian N BCSI, Burnsville, MN

Word of mouth is great, but you could go broke waiting for it to get around.

Ted B. Inman S.C.

Top retail tech no longer favors so-called super stores

Win the battle for profit. Turn shoppers into repeat customers.

Because YOU build it.

The two most expensive mistakes retailers make when shopping for point of sale. Avoid these at all costs.

Buy low, sell high, promote profitably and do it everywhere.

Get YOUR Acme Advantage

Our ingredients and your recipe...

  1. Start with a proven system built for specialty retail and guaranteed to put more in your cash drawer.
  2. Add truly unlimited support and training, taken to the Nth degree with managed services that let you focus on what's most important, putting more in your cash drawer.
  3. Perfect your retail recipe with regular Tech Reviews and optional professional services.
  4. Finish with superior results, baked to order.

Everything we put into Acme Advantage is designed to help you produce different, better results. The mix is about 3/4ths software and 1/4th services and tools that comprise the Acme Advantage. Even if our competition could offer you the exact same software (and they can't) they still couldn't cook up the same results. They don't even bake with the same ingredients.

/‘akme/ noun

The point at which someone or something is best, perfect, or most successful. Synonyms: peak, pinnacle, zenith, height, high point, top, apex, apogee.

Top Specialty Retailers Earn More Profit

(even without increasing sales OR raising prices)