Do it Everywhere

Sell in store, online and everywhere in between. Feed your favorite m-commerce (mobile commerce) and social media tools in a manner that is easy, automatic and above all intelligent. Acme is deployed locally so you don't have to worry about "the cloud" coming between you and your customers, yet you can easily use Acme from anywhere -on the road and over the web.

  • In store and on the road for trades shows, events and route sales.
  • Online with m-commerce that is easy, automatic and above all, intelligent.
  • Turn shoppers into repeat customers and raving fans. Sell everywhere using social media, membership sites and loyalty programs.
  • Sell the sizzle, not the steak! Market in a manner that is designed for specialty retail. Make sense (and dollars) of social media without wasting hours "playing on the computer" or hiring a social media expert.

Use Power Tools to Sell on the web

Connect with online buyers through a professional storefront that showcases SELECT products and services.

Boost sales with highly targeted offers.

It's Intelligent M-commerce

We are not talking about going toe to toe with big box e-commerce and reverse auction sites. -Let them kill themselves fighting over the low end. Reap the rewards of specialty retail by using tools that help you promote profitably while exceeding customer expectations. Use your e-commerce site to: Up-sell "add-on" products to current customers. Sell information products and memberships.

Build and manage loyalty programs that actually reward NEW behavior.

Do it Everywhere
In store, on-line and everywhere in between.

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