When processors compete YOU win

Acme works with all major card processors, but we do have our favorites. -Payment processors compete for your business and to make our short list of preferred processors because we have experience with thousands of installations, a leading edge gateway, streamlined PCI compliance and top notch support.

Already have a processor you like? -Implementing any new point of sale "stirs the pot", requiring processor reconfiguration. Now is the time to get a quote from a preferred processor.

Our preferred processors know us and we know them, this lowers costs for all involved and streamlines your deployment. Acme handles Credit Card, Debit Card, Gift Card, EBT / SNAP / Food Stamps. Customers can use ANY card type / method.
Sure you can use any processor, but don't underestimate the true costs. Get a quote from one of our preferred processors today!


Manual Entry

EMV Chip & Signature

(Google Wallet / Apple Pay, etc)

EMV Pin Pad

EMV Pin Pad with Signature capture

Features are equipment and processor dependent, inquire for details.

I ditched the thought of a tablet point of sale when I found out it could not process PIN debit. The higher rates would kill our profits.

Craig O. ... Tampa FL

We thought our last processor was fair. We switched and save more in processing fees each month than we spend on Acme.

James W. ... Waco TX.

Process Credit Card, Debit Card, Gift Card, EBT / SNAP / Food Stamps. Use signature capture for electronic payments and house charges too! Faster reconciliation + tighter risk control = lower processing fees. -Process mobile payments via merchant owed AND customer owned devices like Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Using one of our preferred processors has allowed other retailers to...

  • Stop paying double for some of the cards they take.
  • Negotiate and save money, even mid-contract.
  • Spend less time and have fewer processing issues.
  • Eliminate double entry and control risk.
  • Reconcile in seconds!
  • Leverage the relationship and experience of thousands that have gone before.