Point of Sale Equipment

The Acme Wonder Bundle

  • Acme Point of Sale software & Acme Advantage Services
  • 7000 Series Touch Screen Windows 10 Computer w/ Intel Inside
  • ​Choice of Aggressive Built-in or External Bar Code Scanners  
  • ​High Speed / Hot Swappable Receipt Printer

Just 1,495 then $119 / mos.

Includes equipment, software & Acme Advantage​!

So well-built we offer low cost Acme Rapid Exchange next day warranty replacement options for up to 5 full years!

The Acme Wonder Bundle includes set up and the following equipment, software & services:

7000 Series Touch Screen Point of Sale Computer Terminal with Intel inside, high speed receipt printer, card reader and your choice of optional built-in or countertop aggressive code scanners. Comes with Windows 10 and Acme Advantage so you can use all your applications, monitor your systems or watch over someones shoulder from anywhere. Shown with optional finger print reader.

-Software: Includes Acme Point of Sale, Windows 10 Pro. or Enterprise, Open Office, remote access, backup and security suite and more.

Acme Advantage - Before your terminal even ships we'll contact you custom tailor your deployment. When the terminal arrives you simply power it up and connect to the internet. We'll remote in and guide you through setup, adding you vendors, items and customers and configuring Acme to work the way you do. With the Acme Advantage you'll benefit from truly unlimited tech support & training and much more. Enjoy secure remote access from any where and most Windows, Android or Apple devices. Managed firewall, antivirus, remote backup and disaster recovery. We don't think you should have to figure out if you have a hardware, software or network problem before you seek assistance. We don't point fingers, pass the buck or leave you wondering who to call.

7000 Series Wonder Bundle attachable options:

Use built in bar code scanner (shown) or external scanner.

Two line customer display.

Multi-line customer display.

Accessories for 7000 Series (or any Windows 7/8/10 computer)

Payment terminals that lower your rates...

EMV Pin Pad

EMV Pin Pad with Signature capture

I ditched the idea of a cloud point of sale when I found out it could not process true PIN debit. The higher rates would kill our profits.

Craig O.
Tampa, FL

Pre-loaded PIN Payment Terminals. -If you don't have a PIN pad you are paying credit card rates (often double) to process Debit cards.  These pre-loaded payment terminals are ready to roll out with any one of our preferred processors. From $249

Do you already have a processor? 

If your current processor is not on our preferred list please inquire for details. Acme works with all processors in the US., but some make it easier than others. Since putting in any new point of sale system will require processor re-configuration this is the perfect time to shop processors. Our preferred processors will meet or beat exiting rates, streamline your deployment and make it easy to switch and save. 

Aggressive scanners that read stubborn codes fast...

Corded presentation 1D/2D imager.

Palm cordless rechargeable 1D/2D imager

Corded presentation 1D/2D wide beam imager.

Super fast in-counter, presentation 1D/2D scanner and scale with laser and imager. 

Cordless rechargeable presentation 1D/2D imager.

Lane buster and physical inventory.

These scanners easily pass the Diet Pepsi can challenge; scanning a white label on curved shiny silver can in high light. Don't settle for a cheap scanner that will slow you down and frustrate your customers. Our code scanners read traditional bar codes as well as 2D "QR" and digital (smartphone) codes making them perfect for loyalty and promotions. With the exception of the palm cordless 1D/2D, all models work in hands free presentation mode, so your clerks and customers will love you! From $199.

More of the good stuff...

Locking drawer with media slots, steel rails and heavy duty nylon rollers.

Keep processing cards even if the internet goes down. -Automatic fail-over, requires phone line.

Customer Display. 2 lines x 20 characters. Adjustable tilt and height from 5 to 19" tall. Compatible with PC's and Integrated terminals.

60 lb capacity. For on counter installation. Acme reads weight from scale and can prompt for tare entry during transaction.

10 lb capacity x .005 lb graduations. For on counter installation. Acme reads weight from scale. Scale allows for multiple tares. includes front and rear display. 

Super fast in-counter, presentation 1D/2D scanner and scale with laser and imager. Feeds weight right into Acme.

30 lb capacity label printing (deli) scale.. 54 Speed Keys / 4,000 PLU's. Can print ingredient and safe handling labels. Includes customer facing pole display.

Acme Price Checker & Digital Sign Kiosk

Acme Price Checker & Digital Sign Kiosk

The Acme Price Checker & Digital Signage Kiosk is a self-service TOUCH SCREEN solution designed to showcase your specials and allow customers and employees to easily look-up prices on their own.

Easily change the digital signs you show your customers.

Workstations, Servers & Tablet Computers

Back office or front counter.

Server with backup

Tablet with dock, onboard scanner & card reader.

Point of Sale Equipment the Acme way...

This is the same equipment we'd put in our own stores if money were no object and we wanted everything to 'just work' for years to come. All equipment is selected with specialty retail top of mind. We offer it at our lowest prices every day and with specials and payment options when possible. We NEVER compromise quality to lead with a lower price. 

​Use what you have, get what you want...
Acme works on Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 and is compatible with 90% of the point of sale equipment that's ever been built. If you have existing equipment please contact us for a Compatibility & Capability (C & C) Check or get started with a Free 30 Day Test Drive. We'll work with you to determine if used equipment savings would be real and if features would be missed.

As a fellow retailer you are probably aware, many items look the same, yet have vastly different capabilities. We've spent literally thousands of hours working with all types of POS equipment and we're happy to share the experience so you don't have to share the pain. If you have any questions while comparing equipment (ours or anyone's) feel free to give us a call.