Sell High

It's about high profit, not high price.

What do the so-called super stores, big box e-commerce sites and your own customers have in common?!?
-They all use technology to beat you up on price. Competitors commoditize everything and customers treat your store like a showroom, ask for your advice then use "find the cheapest price" smartphone apps to take their money elsewhere. Well the technology pendulum swings both ways and it's high time for it to swing in favor of specialty retail. When you subscribe to Acme you'll join thousands of specialty retailers that have learned to use technology to their own advantage, often in ways you would never imagine. Best of all, you get tools and tactics that make saving a buck the last thing on your customer's mind.

The customer IS always right.

Even when they're show-rooming in your store or picking your brain before deciding where to buy.
Commoditization is inevitable and to thrive you have to dispense more than free advice. Acme's integrated and advanced marketing capabilities are designed to do just this. You'll have more than just software and concepts, you'll have access to the most profitable ideas and strategies in specialty retail. Acme's Ticket Entry replaces standard cash registers and gathers useful information you can use to wage war on the so-called super stores. 

Start with a layout from our library. Add color, actions, labels and layers to match the way YOU do business.

  • Use any major credit card processor. Process Credit, Debit, Gift and SNAP/EBT.
  • Validate manufacturer coupons.
  • Define unlimited tender types, split transactions into as many tenders as desired.
  • Use customer specific pricing. You can even change customers mid-ticket and Acme will re-price accordingly.
  • Have an unlimited number of checkout lanes and locations.

Designed for specialty retail, by specialty retailers.

  • Works with all major point of sale hardware. Use what you have or get what you want.
  • Works with all major card processors and types. Debit, Credit, Gift, EBT/SNAP food stamps.
    Don't get locked into "their" processor, that's one of the most expensive mistakes a retailer can make.
  • Use in-store or on the road. Great for trade shows, events and route sales.
  • Stand Alone or with interface to accounting and CRM / marketing software. Acme handles changing needs.

Sell High.
Enjoy highest possible retail margins while remaining competitive.

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