Price Checker & Digital Sign Kiosk

The Acme Price Checker & Digital Signage Kiosk is a self-service TOUCH SCREEN solution that showcases your specials and allows customers and employees to easily look look-up prices. 

The kiosk is a Windows 10 touch screen computer with integrated bar code scanner and Intel inside. These are very durable and widely used as point of sale terminals. We lock these down so they can be customer facing. The terminal can run over wireless or wired network and is 10.5 wide x 12 deep x 17 inches high. It has a 15 inch LCD back lit touch screen. Requires one electrical outlet.

Digital Signage

The top section (above the blue) rotates important messages (digital signs) you want to share.

It's easy to create and update messages at any time.

Price Checking...

The bottom blue section enables customers and employees to easily check prices using the built in bar code scanner or by typing in an item PLU. All active prices are returned, including date driven special prices, customer specific prices and quantity breaks. See example of how pricing and item information is displayed below. An item image can also be displayed with the price information. –Custom versions are also available.

Acme Price Checker displays list price and item images:

Acme Price Checker displays list price and item that does not have its own image:

Acme Price Checker displays list price and date driven special pricing for your sale items:

Acme Price Checker displays list price frequent shopper or customer specific prices and price breaks:

Acme Price Checker displays list, special and frequent shopper club prices:

Acme Price Checker displays message if item scanned was not found: