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Transaction Entry

All transaction entry features are compatible with touch and traditional (non-touch screen) computers.

A simple transaction on a touch screen

Use unlimited colors and multiple layers of buttons to organize hundreds of Action and Speed Keys into a 3D layout that makes finding the right button easy. Here are a few of our favorite color scheme's. You can use these or create your own in minutes.

A simple transaction on a traditional (non-touch screen) screen.
Super Find items &
Super Find customers.
Item controls. Fewer mistakes and faster check-outs.

Quick Tip:

You can press F1 for context sensitive, searchable help while using Acme.
A non-context sensitive, searchable version is also available as online help.

7000 Series "Wonder Bundle" Touch Screen Terminals

Access panels, power supply, hard drive, scanner, etc.
How to install your two line customer facing display
How to install your multi-line customer facing display.
Printer power / feed buttons & self test.
Hot swap. Remove printer.
Hot swap. Re-install printer.

Quick Tip:

Brochures and technical manuals for the 7000 Series Terminals are available here.