We are Total BusinessWare...

Like you, we're passionate about specialty retail

We’ve walked a mile in your shoes, we're not just some software company that thinks there should be an app for that. 

We believe that independent businesses make the world a better place and that unimpeded there are few problems free enterprise can't solve.

You live in a world where the customer is always right and we do too.

We'll help put more in your cash drawer. Guaranteed.

How much more? -You decide. Really.
-Depending on your perspective and how long you've been in retail, letting you decide may sound corny, obvious or like the only possible answer. We think it’s all three, but since the customer is always right we’ll let you decide. ;>)

Given Acme’s proven track record of helping specialty retailers buy low, sell high and promote profitably enables us to promise that if for any reason you ever feel that Acme isn't helping you put more in your cash drawer, we will assist you in correcting the problem or we’ll make it easy for you to cancel your Acme software subscription and retain full use of your data.

With no long term software contracts or big up-front software expense we work hard to earn your business every month.
Prefer to own you software license, rather than subscribe? -Ask for a one-time price.

We back up Acme with truly unlimited training & support...

Some companies offer support plans with "unlimited this" or "90 days of that" and then lump in long disclaimers and lots of rules.

We don't do business that way and don't expect you to either.

Acme software subscriptions include unlimited training and support for all things having to do with installation, configuration and use of Acme. Normal support hours are 8-5 weekdays, Central Time. After hours 911 support is available 24/7/365. Inquire for details.

We know you are independent for a reason, so we also offer LOTS of self help resources as well as everything from "train the trainer" to "train the entire staff". And we're building out the support center with how-to videos.

Together we "plan the work and work the plan" to match the way you do business, right down to those important store policies you always wanted to implement. 

... and the Acme Advantage

The Acme Advantage

Our ingredients and your recipe...

  1. Start with a proven system built for specialty retail and guaranteed to put more in your cash drawer.
  2. Add truly unlimited support and training, taken to the Nth degree with managed services that let you focus on what's most important, putting more in your cash drawer.
  3. Perfect your retail recipe with regular Tech Reviews and optional professional services.
  4. Finish with superior results, baked to order.

Everything we put into Acme Advantage is designed to help you produce different, better results. The mix is about 3/4ths software and 1/4th services and tools that comprise the Acme Advantage. Even if our competition offered you the exact same software (and they don't)  they still couldn't cook up the same results. They don't bake with the same ingredients.

/‘akmē/  noun

The point at which someone or something is best, perfect, or most successful. Synonyms: peak, pinnacle, zenith, high point, apogee.

With Acme Advantage, superior results are baked to order...

...other systems don't even cook with the same ingredients.

1) Start with a proven system built for specialty retail and guaranteed to put more in your cash drawer.

 Get the industry specific features you need and the flexibility to use them your way. Make it your own with a solution you can grow into, not out of. Acme doesn't cost six figures, but it has been used to replace systems that did. And if you want an interface to accounting, we've got you covered from entry level to ERP.

2) Add truly unlimited support and training, taken to the Nth degree.

Beyond Acme Point of Sale, to other aspects of your retail infrastructure. Acme Advantage includes remote support, the ability for you to access your entire system and all applications (not just the point of sale) from anywhere and any device as well as tools and expert monitoring of mission critical systems like anti-virus, web filter, offsite backup and more.

You shouldn't have to figure out if you have a hardware, software or network problem BEFORE you seek assistance. We never point fingers, pass the buck or leave you wondering who to call. It's simple. As a retailer you wear a lot of hats, none of them should have a propeller on top. You concentrate on the art of retail and we'll keep the lanes moving. Most tech issues can be resolved right over the phone or via remote session with no added headache or expense. We solve it ourselves and work with your onsite personal as appropriate, even if your on site personal is dedicated IT staff, your brother in law or the wiz kid next door. And if you need to bring someone in we can recommend a champ. We have thousands of professionals in our network, in all 50 states and over a half dozen other countries so additional charges for on site work (if any) will be fair and managed the Acme way.

3) Perfect your retail recipe with Quarterly Tech Reviews and optional Professional Services

Considering project work like a website, domain name, corporate email or VOIP phone system?
How about in store signage, labeling, a smartphone app, e-commerce or m-commerce site?
Are you under utilizing your software and systems? Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
What IT projects should you tackle next or delay intentionally?
Where can you get the best technology ROI?
How can you tell?

Why not leverage the experience of people that share your passion for specialty retail and have been there / done that? -Sometimes it's not what you know but who you know. Tech Reviews are a meeting of the minds, to plan your IT strategy and optimize your results.

4) Finish with superior results, baked to order.

The Acme Advantage is based on the combined experience of thousands of specialty retailers (better ingredients) then 'baked to order' (your recipe) to make it all your own. Together we make our Acme Advantage your acme advantage, with superior results you can take to the bank.

Professional Services

Need side project work or other professional services like an advanced data conversion, ERP Accounting system or complex custom reports? Our team makes IT happen and like everything Acme the costs are predictable and the results can be measured.

Proven Track Record

93 %

Studies show about 50% of stores DO NOT survive three or four years, yet over 90% of start-ups using Acme have.

We've all heard it before, about half of all retail stores do not survive past their third or fourth year in business, and there is plenty of evidence that backs that up:


Studies like these got us thinking and we decided to calculate the percentage of stores using Acme since their start, that have been in business for more than 3 years. Our first test was on 7/31/2014 it was 92.72% and we're very happy to report that the "3 year window" has remained above 90% ever since.

It's not complicated, on any given day we look back and see how many stores that started up using Acme three years ago are still in business today. Results Are Not Typical DO NOT ASSUME that if 1 out of 2 or even 9 out of 10 make it to year 3 you will too. Retail is risky, there are more factors out of your control then in. 

No person or persons, company, product, system or software controls all the factors that affect survival. Furthermore surviving does not equate to thriving. While average retailers do not survive, average survivors do not THRIVE. Many stores hang on much longer than they should. Many seem to put money in everyone's pockets except their own. Speculation about how some stores do defy the odds is left to the reader. When asked, the retailers generally attribute success to many factors, including hard work, dumb luck and keeping good company. We believe their success is uniquely their own, though many of them choose to 'pay it forward' by contributing ideas we build into Acme and Profit Statements newsletter. In any case, we thank them for their contributions to Acme specifically, to the world in general and we congratulate them on their success.

Our Customers

We listen to our customers and hope you will to. This "about us" page would not be complete without a section dedicated to our customers. Without them, there'd be no us. We exist to help you grow your business. Some of the segments we serve are:

  • Grocery, including Manufacturer Coupon Validation, Electronic Benefits Transfer EBT/Snap/Food Stamps, Weigh Scales, Weigh Scale Bar Codes, Customer and Clerk age verification, Sale Time Restrictions, Physical Inventory and PO receiving via hand held devices and more.
  • Liquor & Wine, Pet, Hobby, Gift, Hardware, Lawn & Garden…
  • Distributors. We can load your catalog into Acme for sale to your clients. This makes buying from you as easy as Acme!
  • Franchisors. Get real time information from franchisees.
  • Counter Sales & Parts Counters. Acme Super Find makes it easy to locate parts and customers.
  • Trade Shows, Events & Route Sales. Put Acme on your laptop and take it on the road. Easily handle sales tax properly.
  • Deliveries cause you taxing problems? Acme uses the delivery zip code to present the proper rates.
  • Subscription Billing
  • Utility Billing. -Water, sewer, electrical or gas.
  • Price Checker & Digital Sign Kiosk

Word of mouth is great, but you could go broke waiting for it to get around.

Ted B. Inman S.C.

Many thanks for the help received … …fast, efficient, friendly and truly appreciated.

Cindy Erickson Lumberjack World Championships

…you’ve earned our respect many times over.

Jim Simpson WS Electronics LLC, Xenia Ohio

I can't imagine starting up another new store with anything else.

D.R. Oklahoma City

GREAT service and support !! 5 star *****

Mike F. Something Fishy, Minneapolis, MN

Very Speedy Service!

Kristin Johnson Timber, Hayward WI

We thought our last processor was fair. We switched and save more in processing fees each month than we spend on Acme.

James W. Waco TX.

We increased inventory turnover from 4.2 to 6.8 times per year, that freed up almost 20K for other activities.

Nancy Y Forest Lake

Always quick to respond and great to work with THANK YOU!

Louanne Anton Coop, Anton, CO

Nowadays we don't just compete with other pet stores we compete with everywhere our customers can spend their money. Your system really helps us get the word out.

Waco J.P.

The support that we have received form ACME POS while learning the system has been outstanding! The learning process was easy and simple to understand!

Cindy P Chesapeake Siding, Roofing & Accessories

Quick and easy to use.

Brian N BCSI, Burnsville, MN

We love Acme, awesome service, quick support and…

Janet Free Mattocks Five Inc, Meadville, PA

The inventory process this year was much less complex and we collected our total inventory in half the time that was required before…

Jim Simpson WS Electronics LLC, Xenia Ohio

I ditched the thought of a tablet point of sale when I found out it could not process PIN debit. The higher rates would kill our profits.

Craig O. Tampa FL

Thanks for all your help with our new Central Acme and multiple stores. You've made a difference in the lives of our girls. We're sending a merit badge. :>)

Roxie Huber Sioux Falls, SD Girl Scouts -Dakota Horizons

Great work!

Heather Haberle Granite City Tool, St Cloud, MN

We saved over $12,000 the first year we optimized purchasing through our preferred vendors.

Patricia -pb designs

Awesome software back by helpful people.

SA 5M Feeds, Titusville, PA

Thanks for your help! Dan Harrigan

Dan Harrigan Vriesland Growers, Hudsonville MI

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